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I wanted to spread the word about a SNM meet up that I’m holding for people living in/outside Toronto:

Stemming from a passion I have for Punchdrunk’s production and wanting to find more SNM fans from my city, I decided to create a meetup/event where we can discuss/watch/create/eat anything and everything Sleep No More related.

It will be held at Cold Tea, a nice little nook of a dive-in hidden within the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto.

Link to event/RSVP: http://goo.gl/3vZYLz

Eyes Without A Face screening at Temple Studios


In case anyone else is interested, there’s a screening of Eyes Without A Face at Temple Studios (in the cinema, I assume) in a couple of week’s time. Tickets are on sale here:


Screenings are at 11am and 1:15pm, and it runs for an hour and a half, so the afternoon show will finish just in time for you to start queuing for the 5pm Drowned Man performance, if you’re a hopeless addict. Like me. *sigh*

Londoners, grab tickets for this. ‘Eyes Without a Face’ is one of the most haunting, beautiful, visceral filmgoing experiences you’re likely to have in a long time - exponentially augmented by the screening location.

If you’re unable to attend either of the screenings, I highly recommend picking up the BluRay, which was recently released by Criterion.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm going to see Punchdrunks show tomorrow but I'm quite claustrophobic. Will I be ok?! I know there's a lift and I don't really usually use them unless I have to!

I guess the first question to answer is which Punchdrunk show you’ll be seeing: The Drowned Man or Sleep No More. While I can only personaly speak to the latter, I know the staff for both shows has proved itself very accommodating. Mention your concern upon entry (better yet, email them in advance), and I’m confident they’ll be able to work something out.

The lift at Sleep No More is very large, though often filled with a good number of people. If it’s any consolation, you won’t spend much time therein. The physical spaces of SNM are vast, and DM downright cavernous. While nooks and crannies and tiny enclaves abound, you shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating away from spaces that fill you with unease.

gaibibi asked: If you can keep one thing (thing, not person) from the SNM set, what would it be?

I’m late to this game. Sorry! Since I only saw some of the responses, I’m giving myself the ability to choose a few objects (in case they’ve already been claimed): 1) The Porter’s wig, if only to replace it with something more svelte 2) Fulton’s Bible 3) Malcolm’s egg box 4) Taxidermist’s hypodermic needle

The Stage 100 2014 by category: designers : Features : The Stage

Felix Barrett

Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man may have divided critics, but its set design certainly did not. Despite quibbles about old-fashioned things such as plots and narrative, everyone was universal in their praise for the way that Barrett and co had intricately recreated the world of golden-age Hollywood for this immersive theatre production. Sleep No More also continues to be a success Stateside and has even opened its own restaurant.

(Source: drinkthehalo)

The Heath, Sleep No More's Restaurant Counterpart

Take a sneak peek inside the Heath. Food/experience notwithstanding, the space is gorgeous.

Unpaid ‘Sleep No More’ Interns Speak Out

The saga continues

A Speakeasy Experience